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FarbenLin is the alias that Dutch visual artist Linda van den Hove uses when she paints. Ever since 2013 she spends a large part of each year in Carinthia (Austria), it is here between the mountains where she finds her inspiration.


Realism had already been replaced by abstraction and oil paint was replaced by acrylics. This material has her preference because it dries pretty quickly. When painting, she is always in search of the most satisfying image. What does the painting “ask”? What is it in need of? In such case it can be satisfying to sustain tension and continue to work rapidly. Sometimes, however, it is better to put the painting away for a bit and to look at it with fresh eyes at a later time. The colours of Linda´s paintings are featured clear and strong, often on a dark background.

Linda draws inspiration from nature, including microscopic algae. She noticed beautiful images while gazing through a microscope as part of her previous job: observing and determining algae for the purposes of assessing water quality. She can also draw inspiration from architecture; or from herself – pure freedom, entirely separated from everything.

Linda is a member of Kunstverein Velden.


When I start to feel euphoric during painting, I know I am on the right track. If this euphoric feeling is still present at the end, I have created a painting. I would love to see the observer also being touched somehow while viewing my work.